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Our newest bearings to the Synopsis family the Stingrays are  precision machined ABEC 5 bearings which have been tested and proven to hold up to any other ABEC 5 bearing on the market. German engineered you can be assured of their quality and durability. We have a bearing now that is more affordable but yet still has the quality of a precision machined Synopsis bearing.

STINGRAYS - ABEC 5  $21.95
Synopsis Blue Rays.jpg
BLUE RAYS - ABEC 7  $26.95

Quality bearings at an affordable price. Blue Rays have CNC machined inner-outer races with hardened chrome steel bearing balls providing you with exceptional bearing smoothness, durability and speed. German engineered you can be assured of their precision, quality and speed being far beyond any bearings in their price range.

Synopsis Bearings - Ceramics.JPG
CERAMICS - ABEC 9  $58.95

When only the best will do Synopsis Ceramics will provide you with the ultimate in smoothness and bearing performance. German engineered inner-outer races along with a new and more advanced black ball ceramic formula provides you with a lighter, smoother and faster ride far superior to any other bearings on the market.



Synopsis Stainless Steels.JPG

Our Stainless Steel bearings are some of the highest quality bearings on the market. With German engineered inner-outer races made of a high grade stainless steel alloy, you can be assured they will roll smooth and consistent far longer than your average skate bearings. These bearings will hold up to any water exposure or humidity and still perform well. 



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